For a Travel Agent

Group Reservations Notes

  • We accept reservation requests by FAX from 3 months ago.
    (Including a tentative reservation)
  • Please use a dedicated application form.
  • We ask you to reconfirm your reservation in our FAX reply.
  • Sorry, we cannot accept reservations from travel agencies through the website.
    (The website is for general customers only.)
  • Please send a list of passengers with names, ages, genders, moblie numbers, a representative’s mobile number and a tour conductor’s name and mobile number by FAX at least two weeks before the boarding.
  • Please complete one by one and bring a Safety Contract on the day.
  • Please check notes on this website.
  • When it rains, If you can not get on board, I hope in raincoats.
    Passengers cannot use an umbrella in Gunkanjima.(Because it is not able to respond to the emergency, such as when you poked your eyes.)
    (We sell raincoats for 200 yen on board a ship.)
  • Passengers cannot land on Gunkanjima in high heels and sandals.
  • It will be disembarking at embarkation area.
  • With regard to embarkation fee, cash, bank transfer before, coupon with a contract, I need your help by the ship pari-mutuel ticket.
  • Please pay landing fee by cash on the day .
  • There is a case to be suspended service-Canceled due to meteorological and hydrographic conditions and ship maintenance.There is a case to be mixed up to some extent also in the arrival and departure time.

Cancel Charge

If you cancel a tour or decrease the number of people,
we would like to charge backward from the day before a departure date as follows.

The 10th to 8 days ago 7 to 2 days ago The day before On the day before departure After departure of the day
20% of the embarkation fee 30% of the embarkation fee 40% of the embarkation fee 50% of the embarkation fee 1000% of the embarkation fee

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