Gunkanjima Boat Tour by the Black Diamond

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Recommended Points

  • The history of Gunkanjima is very obvious by landing on Takashima and Gunkanjima!
  • You can also board at Ioujima!
  • The ship of the tour is stylishly designed the Black Diamond!

Nagasaki Prefecture. They say the island came to be called “Battleship Island”, because its silhouette looked like the battleship “Tosa”. It’s a small partially-reclaimed island located northwest of Nomo peninsula about 19km from the Port of Nagasaki.

The island once prospered as a coal mine town, contributing to Japan’s modernization along with the neighboring Takashima coal mine.The island, however, was closed and left deserted in 1974, due to the changing times.

Gunkanjima Cruise Co., Ltd. offers tours of Takashima and Gunkanjima.

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