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Privacy Policy

Gunkanjima Cruise Co., Ltd. (herein-after called the Company) regards the protection of personal information is important and thoroughly strives to keep and improve the following policies.

  1. Acquisition and use of personal information

    The Company acquires personal information only for specified purposes and will never use it for the other purposes.

    1. (A) Acquisition of personal information

      The Company asks for customers personal information when

      1. (1) customers reserve and apply for Hashima sightseeing cruise, various service and merchandise.
      2. (2) customers request information and inquire about our business.
      3. (3) customers answer questionnaires
      4. For other cases, the Company will notify the reason for obtaining the imformation

    2. (B) Use of personal information

      The Company will do its best to specify the purpose for its use.
      We will use customers' personal information when

      1. (1) the Company accepts reservations and applications for Hashima sightseeing cruise, various services and merchandise.
      2. (2) the Company provides information requested by customers and answers to inquiries.
      3. (3) the Company uses it for statistics without specifying customers' identities.
      4. When the Company commissions a third-party to handle customers' personal information in order to provide comprehensive and efficient services, we strictly examine the third-party beforehand and properly supervise it for protection of the information.

  2. Providing customers' personal information for a third-party

    The Company provides customers' personal information for a third-party only when

    1. (A) it is required by law
    2. (B) customers agree
    3. (C) the Company asks a third-party to maintain and administer our system
  3. Administration of customers' private information

    The Company takes safety measures to keep customers' personal information from illegal access, loss, destruction, altering and leakage.

  4. Disclosure, revision and deletion of customers' personal information

    The Company acknowledges that customers have the right for disclosure, revision, deletion, and so forth and responds quickly upon request.

    For requests and questions about our privacy policies, contact our personal information desk.

  5. Administation

    1. (A) The Company properly administers customers' personal information through appointing a person in charge of customers' personal information
    2. (B) providing training for directors and employees on protection and proper handling of customers' personal information
  6. Links to other sites on our Website

    Our Website links other sites.
    We are not responsible for protection of our customers' personal information on other Websites.

  7. Enactment and Practice of in-house regulations for protection of customers' personal information

    The Company observes local laws and our own in-house regulations and continue reviewing and improving them.

  8. For questions about personal information

    Takashima Traffic Advisory(2708 Takashima-cho, Nagasaki-City, Nagasaki Prefecture 851-1315 Japan)
    TEL : 095-827-2470
    Weekdays 9:00 ~ 17:00