Reservations are accepted online. Please reserve your seat online and pay in cash on the day of boarding.

Reservations can also be made via Jalan or JTB below.
Reception at Gunkanjima Cruise Office (11-22 Motofune-cho, Nagasaki City) . Please arrive at least 20 minutes before departure.
・Morning flight: Reception from 08:10 to 08:50 ・Afternoon flight: Reception from 13:00 to 13:40
*You cannot board the ship after 10 minutes before departure.
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*If all accepted customers are confirmed to board the ship, the ship may depart earlier than the scheduled sailing time.
Go to Takashima After departure, listen to the onboard announcements made by your exclusive guide while traveling to Takashima (about 40 minutes)
Landing on and Looking on Takashima ・Visit the coal museum (Hashima model) , Yataro Iwasaki bronze statue , etc. There will be guidance from a guide. (Takashima landing tour approximately 30 minutes)
*There are restrooms on Takashima.
Go to Hasima (Gunkanjima) Go to Hasima (Gunkanjima) (about 10 minutes)
Depart from Hasima (Gunkanjima) (The order of excursion and landing may change.)
Sail around Gunkanjima at low speed and listen to the guide's guidance as you explore.
After heading to a spot where you can take photos of the entire island, it will be time to dock. (tour time approximately 20 minutes)
Landing on and looking on Hasima (Gunkanjima) You will be able to berth only if you clear the landing criteria. After landing, tour the island along the route.
There will be guidance from a guide. (Landing time on Hashima (Gunkanjima): approximately 45 minutes)
*There are no restrooms on Hashima (Gunkanjima).
Go to Nagasaki Port Go to Nagasaki Port(about 50 minutes)
Arrive at Nagasaki Port Disbanded after disembarking.
*Return time may vary slightly depending on sea conditions. Also, if you are unable to land, you will be able to return to port 30 to 40 minutes earlier.